Special RORO LCT

(Case Study I: October 2016)
RORO via LCT in Jurong Port: 1 x towable unit Mobile Scanner of L13.60 x W2.49 x H4.00meter
& Gross Weight: 23 ton - Transhipment from Singapore to Belawan

» 1st leg RORO Mothership discharge at PSA Pasir Panjang roro terminal Singapore. Transfer by tow on roads to Jurong Port for transhipment loadout onto LCT charter.
» Cargo of extreme high value (over USD 2 million) and unsuitable for alternative breakbulk mode of shipment: hence Roll-On loadout with thorough pre-ops planning and lashing on LCT with MWS approval.
» At destination Belawan: roll out discharge by consignee coordinated by our agents [for berthing, site survey & negotiation with Port Authority and docs for smooth landing].