Cargo Handling Equipment Availability


[Case Study G: February 2016]
Import Delivery ex MV at Jurong Port:

* One Sulphate Removal Package skid:
Dims 21.90m(L) x 12.60m(W) x 14.90m(H) & Gross Weight: 279 tons &

* One Ultra-Filtration skid:
Dims 17.90m (L) x 9.60m (W) x 9.90m (H) & Gross Wt: 171 tons

» Overside discharge using 2 x 150MT inbound MV cranes in tandem lift onto 230 feet barge alongside Jurong Port.
» Barge stowage setting: provide stability reports, engineering drawings & calculations on cargo lashings/stowage: ful compliance with Marine Warranty Surveyor requirements.
» Transfer to temporary floating storage-berth location in Tuas shipyard and then shift:
* SRP unit to Keppel Shipyard for transfer with floating crane from barge onto FPSO vessel and
* UF unit to client private jetty in Tuas Spore for discharge from barge direct onto platfor.