Jurong Port

Ministry Of Manpower Singapore and Jurong Port-certified Stevedorage and Port/Terminal services provider managed 24x7 by in-house staff:

- Biz Safe Star-certified.
- OHSAS-18001 certified.
- Can work 3 or more vessels simultaneously.

* Cargo storage, handling/inventory management, trucking and container stuffing/unstuffing operations executed by full time staff.
* Warehouse and Open Yard storage facilities within Free Trade Zone for transit storage, packaging, re-working and transhipment handling.
* Customised handling-management at centralized hub to facilitate Customs clearance, stock checks and deliveries for Import/Export & Transshipment cargoes.
* Provide distribution/trucking support within the Singapore market.

» Handles oversized and heavylift cargoes up to 500 MT unit weight.
» Serves Heavy Industries:
- Oil & Gas/Energy and Marine Offshore.
- Ship & Rig Repair/Building, Maintenance.
- Engineering and Construction Sectors.
» Daily vessel loading/discharging operations: by licensed stevedorage and lashing gangs.
» Dedicated team of licensed riggers, signalmen, heavy-lift supervisors certified by Jurong Port and Ministry of Manpower.
» Discharge / Load: oversized / heavy cargoes at private customer wharves / premises in Singapore and regionally where necessary.