Jurong Port

RSL Shipping Jurong Port Advantages:

» Transshipment, import/export, local trucking and handling of breakbulk and containerised cargoes: port office well placed to manage closely.
» Seamless 24 x 7 operations within the same seaport terminal.
» Containerized FCL consolidation/deconsolidation or multi-modal transshipment operations under one roof.
» Good connectivities on breakbulk-cum-containerised vessels calling Jurong Port and PSA container terminals regularly.
» Our sister company Megastar Shipping: liner operators [containerised-cum-breakbulk vessels berths PSA Container Terminals and Jurong Port: enhances connectivity within same FTZ].
» Centralised management of resources: Full time staff and stevedores and equipment: reduces dependence on 3rd party contractors.
» Additional support from other stevedores and equipment (if needed) for peak periods