FCL Transloading / Stuffing / Unstuffing


(Case Study F: June 2015)
Cargo: Steel pipes stuffing into 40ft GP Dry Container with extended forklift boom & soft “cradle” slings in Jurong Port: for FCL oncarriage ex PSA Container Port

» Receiving pipes breakbulk direct ex 1st leg MV at Jurong port for sorting/transit storage.
» Wooden dunnage laid between every layer of pipes with wooden chokes and soft webber belts for lashing within containers.
» Lifting with soft slings “cradle” around pipes instead of inserting fork into pipe ends to avoid damage to pipe end caps.
» Special forklift boom could only lift pipes up to max 2.50ton per piece/bundle.
» MAX 6 meter length pipes: require 20ft contr while 12 meter length pipes would required 45 ft contr for FCL stuffing.