Multi-modal Transhipment Handling / Storage


(Case Study D: January 2015)
Cargo: One Unit Production Jumper with dims: 5.50meter diameter x 3.20meter height, weight 25 ton: transferred ex Tg Langsat private jetty, Johor to Jurong Port Spore for transhipment to Australia

» Specially-cut customised wooden blocks at 15”x15inches to prevent damage to bottom rollers& to spread pointed cargo weight during stowage setting on barge & mother vessel.
» Dedicated barging from Tg Langsat Johor to Jurong Port Singapore, for transhipment trucking to load on Mother Vessel from Singapore to Geelong, Australia.
» Special lashing points preset on barge top to ensure all round lashing/stability as per buyer’s appointed MWS [LOC].